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Posted on January 19th, 2012 by Devin Hill

Great Strides
Invoice for payment templates soon to come! We strive to increase customer satisfaction and relations. We will soon be releasing diffrent style templates for users looking for a unique look. We are currently working on implementing paypal payment exceptions inside your invoice where your customer can pay you online through a link provided in your invoice! We will be very happy to release this additional feature in the next few weeks.

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With such a large amount of freelancers in need of free online invoice websites we are trying to expand our available features to fit all user needs. Tell your friends and family! We are trying to increase creation volume and help everyone we can that comes short in billing. There is no need to pay up to 40 dollars a month for other services when we offer the exact same thing! Feel free to drop us a line if you would like to us improve in any way. With premium accounts you are now able to have unlimited space for book keeping along with unlimited client profiles saved. Create as many invoices you like and save them for next month! Edit prices input client information with one click and print, email or fax. Complete customization at your fingertips. Whenever I read online about someone looking for small business invoice software I get so exited to send them our way and see the reaction they have with the simplicity it takes to use our website.

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